This course provides an intensive studio experience. The bulk of class time is spent in individual studio work. There are weekly individual meetings with the instructor for goal setting and progress evaluation; a copy of the Weekly Rubric Template used in this evaluation is posted on the course site. Contemporary artists and their work are researched and analyzed. An independent field trip to a local venue is integrated into the course via Moodle; a model will be scheduled if there is interest. Readings, discussions, and written responses are posted and completed through Moodle; critiques will take place on-site. A studio statement describing the candidate’s work and process will be written, edited, and shared. Candidates are judged by their progress according to the posted rubrics and the rigor of their work ethic. By the end of the course, an individual creative direction should emerge, which it is hoped the candidate will develop over the duration of the program and beyond.

Case studies demonstrating curriculum adaptation in the art education environment for individuals with special needs are studied and applied through onsite teaching experience. Guest speakers with expertise in their field are integrated into the course. Lesson plans are researched, written, discussed to formulate a 4 week unit. Presentation of documented work to culminate the course.